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Account and Listing

We publish your property on the best platforms, describing in a precise manner rules and characteristics of the flat.

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Professional photoshoot

We enhance your flat with professional photographs, illustrating its features and strengths.

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Interaction with guests

We take care of our guests and answer their questions quickly. We are available 24 hours a day for all eventualities.

Hostdomus Servizi

Daily price

We change prices daily in order to maximise occupancy maximise the occupancy rate and profitability of the flat.

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Cleaning services

We ensure high quality standards in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. We provide towels sheets and a welcome kit.

Hostdomus Servizi

Check-in & Check-out

We welcome your guest and explain the rules of the house. At check-out we check that everything is everything is in order, returning the deposit.

Hostdomus Servizi

Administration and Invoices

We operate with H.O.C. contracts. We offer tax tax advice, we collect tourist tax and pay withholding tax.

Hostdomus Servizi


We provide a basic maintenance service in order to avoid problems during the overnight stay of the guest.

Hostdomus Servizi

Safe payments

We receive payments from our customers by bank transfers and credit cards. All our transactions are traceable.

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